The Cost of Pre-Cut Cauliflower

I read this beautiful article by Greta Thunberg's mama Malena, and was moved by the story and the depth of felt sense Greta has in response to state of our planet, and more so the indifference and complete lack of awareness of us human beings. 

We are indifferent and causing suffering upon ourselves and each other daily.

I had a thought this afternoon as I chopped kale to sauté and create a beautiful nourishing lunch bowl. I really wanted to buy cauliflower at the co-op, but I did not because I could get that pre-chopped in a plastic bag at Trader Joe's.

What the actual F has happened to me when I refuse to buy a fresh head of cauliflower, that is local and right in front of me because I fear chopping up said cauliflower?

What has happened to us?

I actually resigned to the fact it was better to drive my ass to Trader Joe's at a later date, to save myself a few minutes of time.

  • How long was the drive going to take?
  • How much does that plastic bag it's wrapped in cost our planet?
  • How long does it actually take to cut up cauliflower?

It occurred to me I was playing a game I cannot win.

Boundaries have been fiercely violated with our bodies and planet when our currency has become time, and we're all gottam miserably poor in the face of it. No one is winning.

Sure the cauliflower costs a little more at the co-op, but it's local, will probably last longer than something precut, and or they've added some sort of ascorbic acid to keep it safe. It probably has more nutrients and was grown in better soil, and hasn't travelled super far by plane or car. 

It took a beautiful young girl with a slight case of Asperger's to challenge my own actions, and simply tilt my question of time on its head.

What is the cost of our time? How did we start trading it? What have we not said no to that led us to her?

And will most think little Greta's the crazy one? What a beautiful mind in the face of a mess.

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