Introducing We The Daughters

We The Daughters is a Dream. 

A dream that women come together in community and exchange the wisdom of our bodies, relationships and development of ourselves.

That women not only witness one another, but walk together side by side.

That we positively impact the postpartum experience.

That a woman has access to the intimate care products she needs and deserves. 

That a woman stands in her body, with love in her heart and grace in her soul.

That women collaborate with one another.

That women raise the next generation of DAUGHTERS together. 

That women unlock the wisdom of our elder women. The we help them transition into their Queendom and beyond this life.

For now, DAUGHTERS is a Womancare product line.

Tomorrow, DAUGHTERS will support the growth of other Womanforward businesses.

Tomorrow, DAUGHTERS will be a media company that shares the stories of women through the phases of our lives.

Today, we celebrate our rebirth. 

Thank you for being here, and thank you for celebrating with me.

Special thanks to my mother, husband, wife, sisters and friends for witnessing and walking me through the flame of developing this brand.

With love,


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