Handmade Ritual Steam Pot


Handmade Ceramic Steaming Pot

The universe handed us a beautiful gift as we were able to partner with an artisan community comprised mostly of women in Michoacán, Mexico to bring you these perfect steaming pots. They are lead free, safe on the stove, and made with rich clay free of lead and toxins. These artisans have a simple mission to take care of not only the health and wellbeing of their people, but all families around the world AND the environment, as we are one.

Your purchase supports this wonderful community, and is much kinder than a Chinese ceramic import typically full of lead.

Who We Made This For and Why:

Ritual Vaginal Steaming is Practiced around the World and has been Known for Centuries to help Regulate Menses, Alleviate Pain with Menses, Alleviate Vaginal Pain in Menopausal and Perimenopausal Women, as it Supports a Healthy Balance of Moisture, Promote Circulation, Nourish and Provides Cooling Relief.

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