We the Daughters

We Fundamentally Believe that We need to take Care of our Grandmothers, and Nurture our Daughters to best Know Ourselves. We Partner with Entrepreneurs, Brands, and Products that Believe We Should Take Care of each woman, through the phases of her Womanhood as though She were our own Grandmother, Mother, or Daughter.

In Supporting We The Daughters, You are Helping Invest in outdoor and body-based education for Young Women and Girls. Our Daughters.

Our Philosophy

Enlightened Intimacy

We Are Here to Teach her the Wisdom of Her Body as She Experiences Her First Bleed; Becomes a Mother; Enters Menopause; Into Her Queendom and Beyond.

We Believe in Womancare and Refuse to Step Foot into a "Feminine Hygiene" aisle Ever Again. We Create and stock Brands that Celebrate, Offer Ritual and Ceremony as She Steps into Her Power at Each Evolution.

We Hope to Normalize the Conversation Around Her Intimate Bits.


Sustainable & Accessible

We Are on a Mission to Make this Brand Sustainable for Our Bodies, Planet and Families. We also aim to Make this Brand Accessible to any Woman Who Needs Us.

For Now, We only Source Organic or Wild Crafted Ingredients when Applicable. Our Packaging feature Recycled Glass, Corks, Reusable Apothecary Bottles, Aluminum Refills, Minimal Plastic & Biodegradable Shipping Materials.

We Soon Will Offer Scaled Pricing to Increase Accessibility. If You Cannot Afford Our Price Points and Are in Need of Our Offering, or Have an Idea on How to Help Our Mission, Please Email wethedaughtersco@gmail.com.


Our Story

We The Daughters

We Are Daughters & Mothers.

A Collaborative Coven of Women who Seek a Different Future for Ourselves and the Daughters of Generations to Come.

We Lift Each Other by Coming Together; We Collaborate; We Hold Space & Boundaries; We Talk About the Tough Stuff; We Answer the Phone When a New Mother calls at Midnight.; We Believe Women Deserve a Better Experience in Their Bodies. Hell, all Humans Do, and it Starts with the Magic of Women.