Ritual Apothecary Herbs


An Organic Blend of Feminine Steaming, Sitz or Sipping Herbs

Our Gentle Steaming Blends are Composed of 100% Organic Herbs which are Measured, Blended and Packaged by Hand with Integrity, Intention and a lot of Love. You may also Enjoy this Feminine Blend as Hormone Loving Tea.

Each Herbal Blend consists of 5oz, which can be used for 5 - 10 Steams.

Include Apothecary Jar and Measuring Spoon. 1 Spoonful per Steam / Sip /or Sitz.


Ritual Vaginal Steaming is Practiced around the World and has been Known for Centuries to help Regulate Menses, Alleviate Pain with Menses, Alleviate Vaginal Pain in Menopausal and Perimenopausal Women, as it Supports a Healthy Balance of Moisture, Promote Circulation, Nourish and Provides Cooling Relief.

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