Ritual Steam Stool


Handmade Redwood Steaming Stool

Vaginal Steaming is a Beautiful, Ancient Ritual Intended to Bring Heat and Medicinal Herbs to Nourish and Heal the Womb. The Synergy of the Heat and Herbs work to Nourish, Tone, Heal and bring Fresh Oxygenated Blood to Cleanse your Womb and Vaginal Tissues. 

Who We Made This For and Why:

Ritual Vaginal Steaming is Practiced around the World and has been Known for Centuries to help Regulate Menses, Alleviate Pain with Menses, Alleviate Vaginal Pain in Menopausal and Perimenopausal Women, as it Supports a Healthy Balance of Moisture, Promote Circulation, Nourish and Provides Cooling Relief.

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